​​​The Jury (the final 10 submissions)

Young-Jo Lee (South Korea)

Anton Armstrong (USA)

Maria Emma Meligopoulou (Greece)

Yu-Chung Johnny Ku (Taiwan)​​​


2023 Composition Competition Winners


1st Place Jang, Kyeong-Jun “In Paradisum” (South Korea)

2nd Place Motshwane Pege “Jubilate Deo” (South Africa)

3rd Place Adam Hajossy Dedic “Pater Noster” (Sweden)​​​​


Brief assessment of a chairman of the Jury 2023 Composition Competition, Young-Jo Lee


This year's works focused more on warm melodies than previous years' challenging or experimental tendencies. As a result, many excellent pieces emphasized relaxing and easy-to-listen songs. 

However, when considering the artistic essence of choral music as a harmonious construction of meaningful sounds and the meaning of the lyrics, there remains a sense of regret due to the emotional, flexible compositions. 

Since lyrics should be expertly linked to choral music, there is a deeper expectation for works that can harmoniously convey the poem's content through a balanced sense of the times and the interactions between different tones, pitches, and parts. 

- Lee Young-Jo, Chairman of the Jury, 2023 Composition Choral Music Competition.


We received a total of 36 applications from 15 countries for this year's Busan Composition Competition. 

We were truly impressed by the exceptional quality of the submissions, which left a lasting impact on the jury. 

As the competition places great importance on artistic excellence, the judging process was primarily focused on this aspect.


The winners of the first, second, and third places will be awarded Diplomas and Trophies, which will be sent to them by post.

The Prize Money will be transferred to the winners' bank accounts within two weeks after the conclusion of the BCFC.

Only the winning composition of the top prize will have the honor of being premiered at the 2023 BCFC, which will take place from October 18th to 21st, 2023.