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President of the BCFC

Chung-Suk KIM

I’m Chung-Suk Kim, the president of the BCFC in 2024.
The Busan Choral Festival & Competition is celebrating its 20th
anniversary this year.
Over the years, We have established ourselves as a cultural platform for enjoying and sharing culture through the power of music, creating valuable opportunities for respect and understanding of different cultures and values.

Through the festival, we have confirmed that music is a common language that unites us, and we have contributed to fostering solidarity with participants from all over the world. As we pledge our passion for future challenges and development, we will strive to bring the beauty of music to more people and promote cultural diversity.

The Busan Choral Festival & Competition is a space where various cultures and arts come together, and through this, we hope to convey new inspiration not only to the participants but also to the audience. We aspire to spread hope and light to those in need worldwide through the uplifting power of harmonious melodies. Moving forward, we will strive to further develop and showcase various arts and cultures in the future.

Thank you.

Artistic Director


As Artistic Director of the Busan Choral Festival & Competition, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you. I am honored to be a part of this special festival, which brings together choirs from all over the world to realize unity and peace in Busan.

The Busan Choral Festival & Competition offers a unique platform to express our emotions and narratives through choral music, all while cherishing the rich diversity of cultures. This festival is a place to experience the diversity and beauty of humanity through music. Join us for a festival of inspiration, exchange, and meeting new friends. Here we will share precious moments of understanding and connecting with each other through culture and music.

Music isn't about competing, especially choral music, which thrives on mutual respect. Our festival embodies the spirit of community forged through respect and collaboration. I warmly welcome you to join us in this celebration. Let's revel in the pleasure of making music together! Each moment shared promises to be profound and memorable.