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President of the BCFC

Chung-Suk KIM

Hello, everybody!

Transforming our world, Navigating toward a better future! “A big challenge that can change the future of the world” is the very slogan to win the World Expo 2030.

The ‘Busan Choral Festival & Competition,’ a great event that will be held in Busan, will be a meaningful festival that can invigorate better future values.

The genuine harmony of choirs symbolizes love for humanity, freedom, and peace that transcends generations and borders.

The ‘Busan Choral Festival & Competition’ deepens people’s relationships around the world and will shine like a flash of light in the sky. Harmony will offer hope and courage to those who are sick and suffering from pain.

We are humans with a special need to sing and enjoy ourselves. No one can take away the privilege of singing and being happy.

May the beautiful harmonies resounding through the ‘Busan Choral Festival & Competition’ become hope and light for those who are living in darkness around the world.

Thank you.

Artistic Director

Kang-Kyu Kim

Boasting, selfishness, greed, hate, jealousy...
These are words that are never needed when we are singing a chorus.

Love, understanding, caring, laughter, oneness...
Without these words, we can never create a beautiful chorus.

Even without the pandemic of the last three years
we are still going through a difficult time with natural disasters, ideological conflicts, and wars.
However, we have a powerful tool in our hands—the chorus—that can unite us in peace.

The harder our struggles become, the more crucial it is for us to join hands and raise our voices together. As we sing in unison, we strengthen the bonds of peace and unity among us.

We welcome all singers from corners of the globe to join us in Busan for a harmonious chorus in 2023. My heartfelt wish is that the choirs participating in the Busan Choral Festival and Competition will transcend mere competition and use their voices to resound the message of true peace on earth and will be a celebration where everyone can revel in the joy of peace and harmony.

Kang-Kyu, KIM