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President of the BCFC

Co-Chairperson - Byun Won-Tan
As the crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has extended for over a year. As a President of the BCFC, I
feel deeply regretful to inform you all that the 2021 Busan Choral Festival & Competition, which
many choral fans around the world have been looking forward to, cannot be held in an ordinary

Authentic chorales teach us how to be integrated as one going beyond the nations, races and
cultures. However, the news regarding the recent violence from racism has made us feel
aggrieved. Although our songs may be unable to have a great impact on the entire world, they are
expected to deliver the message of harmony and peace to the world that has been experiencing
difficult times. Thus, chorales cannot be discontinued.

Unfortunately, the Busan Choral Festival & Competition will be held in an untact manner this year,
too, I truly expect the choir members from the world could personally meet together and enjoy
singing with joy. The songs for hope we sing together are expected to drive away the tragic situa
tion of the pandemic. I expect to you meet you all soon, and send my best wishes to everyone.

Artistic Director

Artistic Director - Kim Kang-Kyu
There are many songs we can sing together,
Yet the world still suffers from the pandemic……

There are many faces I wish to personally see,
Yet the world still suffers from the pandemic……

My sorrow comes from an inability to sing together,
And my agony comes from being unable to see the people I miss.

The songs we cannot stop.

Due to the COVID -19 pandemic,
We cannot help living a day with a mask, which stands for isolation.
Yet, I will never abandon the wish that this shall pass soon.

In Busan, we still truly expect the day
when friends from across the world who love choirs come together
and sing together sometime soon.
Let us endure the days before us and wait for such a day.
Viva la musica (chorus)!