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Invitational Concert Ⅰ

The Real Group

A groundbreaking vocal group based in Sweden.

With the voice as their sole instrument they have created a unique musical expression in the field between jazz, pop and Nordic European vocal music. The group has toured worldwide since it was formed in 1984. The combination of perfection and personal touch along with original songs have made them accessible to music enthusiasts in general as well as to the more demanding ear.

In 1989 the group graduated from The Royal Academy of Music in Stockholm with the highest degree and since then they have often been asked to perform at prestigious official events along with their regular concerts. Such an event was the Swedish queen’s birthday when they performed the Abba classic ”Dancing Queen” together with the former Abba member Anni- Frid Lyngstad. The group also sang at the opening of the Fifa World Cup in South Korea and Japan.

Their wide repertoire has made it possible for the group to collaborate with symphony orchestras, jazz groups, pop bands and artists such as opera star Barbara Hendricks, jazz harmonica player Toots Thielemans and The Beatles producer sir George Mar tin.

The Real Group has made 24 albums in their own name. They have produced their own concert tours with over 2.800 concerts worldwide. They have hosted their own TV show and been artistic directors for vocal music festivals in USA and South Korea and produced their own festivals in Sweden and Finland where the educational branch The Real Group Academy has contributed with the educational content.

The group has toured as ambassadors for the charity program Star For Life in Sweden and South Africa as part of an AIDS prevention program.

The Real Group memebers:

Clara Fornander / Joanné Nugas / Johannes Rückert Becker
Axel Berntzon / Daniele Dees

Sound engineer:

Sanna Nordlander
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Invitational Concert Ⅱ

Eastern Chamber Singers

The Eastern Chamber Singers has serenaded audiences as members of the University of the East Chorale from 1999 to 2016. As alumni of the university, they aim to continue the long standing musical tradition of the University of the East even after graduating. Under the tutelage of Anna Abeleda Piquero, the former University of the East choral group members garnered several awards and accolades from chorale festivals and competitions around the world, earning them the distinction as one of the finest choral groups in Asia.

During their time as University of the East Chorale, they performed under a mission of sending peace and love through music. Their stint performing together were filled with several memorable performances around the globe such as the: the 51st Guido d’ Arezzo Concurso Polifonico in Arezzo, Italy, the 47th Concorso Internazionale di Canto Corale Seghizzi in Gorizia, Austria, the 40th International Chorwettbewerb in Spittal, Switzerland, the Festival Choral International de Neuchatel 2008 and the 12th International Chamber Choir Competition Marktoberdorf in Germany. Exhibiting a perfect blend of charm and talent, the group left their mark in the international audience with their melodic renditions of pop hits and stirring performance of classical pieces. One of their biggest accomplishments was winning the Gold Medal and Grand Prix at the Busan International Choral Competition in 2006 and 2007.

As members of the now Eastern Chamber Singers still led by Anna Abeleda Piquero, the group has appeared on a series of impressive performances. Without missing a beat, they were invited to perform at the Cultural Center of the Philippines 34th Concert Season to sing Beethoven’s Symphony No.9 with the Philippine Philharmonic Orchestra in 2016. The Eastern Chamber Singers were also invited as a guest choir at the Symposium on Church Choral Music 2016 organized by Bandung Choral Society in Indonesia.

The original plan of the group this 2020 was to hold a reunion concert celebrating its 20th anniversary under Anna Abeleda Piquero’s tutelage. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the group will instead gather its members from all over the world to perform virtually. True to its vision as ambassadors of goodwill, The Eastern Chamber Singers vows to continue their mission of spreading peace and love through singing—global pandemic or not, the music goes on.
telkom conductor

2023 Grand Concert Participants Choir

  • 해운대구 소년소녀 합창단

    ·단장 | 김성수 ·지휘자 | 권영기
    ·반주자 | 김민희

  • 사하구 장미 여성 합창단

    ·단장 | 안지혜 ·지휘자 | 엄현섭
    ·반주자 | 이은혜

  • 광주여협합창단

    ·단장 | 정진희 ·지휘자 | 박병국
    ·반주자 | 이유정

  • 부산 진구 남성 합창단

    ·단장 | 류석준 ·지휘자 | 강경원
    ·반주자 | 주은정

  • 부산대학교 합창단

    ·단장 | 박시연 ·지휘자 | 김성복
    ·반주자 | 전다은

  • CBS 콰이어

    ·단장 | 황미영 ·지휘자 | 이외균
    ·반주자 | 김은경

  • 해운대구립 여성 합창단

    ·단장 | 한경화 ·지휘자 | 김성배
    ·반주자 | 이언정

  • 노엘 합창단

    ·단장 | 변원탄 ·지휘자 | 김강규
    ·반주자 | 윤민화

Choral Workshop Ⅰ

Lecturer Yu-Chung Johnny Ku

Discover Taiwan: an introduction to Taiwanese Choral Music

- Brief history of the Taiwanese choral development
- Languages and aesthetics of different ethnic groups of Taiwan
- Pronunciation guide and dictional tips
- A special treasure: music of the Indigenes
- Characteristics practices through singing Taiwanese pieces

Choral Workshop Ⅱ

Lecturer Maria Emma Meligopoulou

Let's Sing Palestrina and his contemporaries - An Introduction to Renaissance Polyphonic Music

- Short History review of the Renaissance polyphony evolution
- Basic style characteristics & interpretation practices
- Individual aesthetics of sacred and secular vocal music
- Latin Diction
- The role of instrumental accompaniment in Early Music polyphonic works

Outreach Concert

Having a special performance in various famous venues in Busan including Busan City Hall, Busan Station, Shinsegae Department Store, Haeundae Beach, etc. The participating choirs will be expected to offer more than 1 performance.

Choral Parade

All participants perform in famous venues in and around the city of Busan. This choral parade provides opportunity for each choir to present their significant feature of country through their songs and costumes of their native land. Choir can sing any popular and joyful songs.

Festival Chorale Concert

Cond. Anton Armstrong

Grand Prix Final & Award Ceremony

Announcing and Awarding all winners including Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best Conductor, Best Presentation, Audience, etc. 5 Gold Prize winning teams will perform their best works for the Grand prize on this final stage.

Farewell Party

The last & most touching event of BCFC with all participants and various-delicious International & Korean foods