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Invitational Ensemble Concert I


Oslo Chamber Choir was founded in 1984 by Grete Pedersen, with the ambition of being one of the absolute top choirs of Norway, and an innovative voice in the international arena. Parallel to singing classical repertoire, Oslo Chamber Choir has acquired a unique expression by being the only choir where all the singers are profoundly trained in Norwegian folk music singing. The choir was selected to sing at the opening ceremony of the winter Olympics in Lillehammer in 1994, at the Norwegian church’s 1000-years anniversary, and the European Union’s culture city exhibition in 1996 for representing Norway. Oslo Chamber Choir has in the recent years been visiting numerous festivals and held concerts and tours in Europe, Asia and the USA. In 2014 the choir was invited to participate in the 10th World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM) and traveled to Seoul, South Korea. Oslo Chamber Choir also participated in the WSCM in Kyoto in 2005. In 2007 and 2009, the choir toured the USA, including concerts in St. Olaf College, Concordia College and broadcasting on Minnesota public radio, which later was broadcasted all over the USA. In 2015, Oslo Chamber Choir was once again invited to the USA, this time to sing at the Inagural Concert of the Center for Music and Liturgy at Saint Thomas More Chapel at Yale. The concert was held in Carnegie Hall in june 2015.

2016.10.18.(TUE) Sohyang Theator


Hakon Daniel Nystedt
Unni Løvlid
Ingrid Anna Ørstavik Dissen
Ingrid Margitte Narvesen
Karen Mathilde Heier Hovd
Julie Mathiesen Kleive
Johanne Lundebrekke Myskja
Agnes Aalde Heyerdahl
Oda Marita Netteland Norevik
Frida Lund-Larsen
Sofie Hjertvik
Sigmund Lahn
Adne Svalastog
Georg Rasmussen Lyngved
Lars Eivind Lervag
Frode Fjørtoft
Torfinn Kleive
Magnus Berg
Johannes Bødtker
Torkjell Hovland
Nils August Andresen
Bram Janssens


  • Veneliti (arr. Ørjan Matre)
  • Nu dagenslys sig singer hen - Now the light of the day slips away (arr. Ørjan Matre)
  • Ståle Storli/Vals (arr. Ørjan Matre)
  • Bestelanden (arr. ØrjanMatre)
  • Und mig Gud - Grant me, God (arr. Ørjan Matre)
  • Miserere mei, Deus - Have mercy upon me, O God (Josquin des Prez)
  • St. Sunniva-hymne (arr. Ørjan Matre)
  • Si vis amari (Ørjan Matre)
  • Os iusti (Anton Bruckner)
  • Folkestadvisa (arr. Håkon Nystedt)
  • Intermezzo #2 (arr. Håkon Nystedt)
  • Jesus din søte (arr. Knut Nystedt and Håkon Nystedt)



Internationally renowned for their warm and engaging stage presence, impeccable musicianship, and unique perspective on ensemble singing, musica intima has earned a reputation as Canada’s most exciting vocal ensemble. “These singers make eye contact with their audience, creating an achingly intimate, holy moment in each performance. Their shows transform the venue into beauty’s own temple. Judge for yourself; this description isn’t hyperbole” says John Keillor of Vancouver’s Georgia Straight. But what makes musica intima truly unique is that the singers rehearse, perform and function as a collective. In rehearsal they use a shared leadership model, exchanging ideas freely while exploring their own musical creativity. In performance, they engage the audience with a spontaneity and directness all their own. Founded in 1992, musica intima has become an integral part of Canada’s cultural fabric. A distinctly Canadian ensemble, musica intima regularly commissions, champions and premieres works by Canada’s leading composers including Michael Osterle, Ana Sokolovic, José Evangelista, Peter Hannan, Jocelyn Morlock, Keith Hamel Jordan Nobles, and Jeffrey Ryan. The ensemble has graced the stages of some of Canada’s best known festivals, championing contemporary Canadian vocal repertoire in concert halls such as Orford Festival, Elora Festival, Ottawa International Chamber Music Festival, Festival de Lanaudière, Palais Montcalm, and the Domaine Forget International Festival. Also an international presence, musica intima has performed twice at the American Choral Directors Association Conference, has appeared at Polyfollia Festival in France, the Cork International Choral Festival in Ireland, and the World Symposium on Choral Music in Denmark. Musica intima is frequently heard on national and international radio broadcasts and has released seven commercial recordings, five of which can be found on the ATMA Classique label: 20 (2012), into light (2010), o nata lux (2008), forgotten peoples (2006), invocation (2004), and clear (2002). In addition, they recorded the CBC-produced nativite (2002), which was nominated for a Western Canadian Music Award, and the ensemble’s Juno award-nominated debut album musica intima (1998). Their most recent recording, THIRST, is a disc of contemporary works co-produced with Turning Point Ensemble and can be found on the Redshift Records label.

2016.10.19.(WED) Sohyang Theator


Siri Olesen,
Caitlin Beaupré
Katherine Evans
Melanie Adams
Taka Shimojima
Erika Kallo
Steve Maddock
Alvin Carpintero
Artistic Manager
Joanna Dundas
General Manager
Meaghan Williams


- Urmas Sisask
* Ecce Homo
- Jeffery Ryan
- Mia Makaroff
All The Things You Are
- Jerome Kern/Oscar Hammerstien (arr. Ward Swingle)
* True Colors
- Billy Steinberg/Tom Kelly (arr. Jacob Gramit)
* Three Korean Folk Songs
Traditional(arr. Imant Raminsh)
  1. 1. Pungnyeonga
  2. 2. NodeulKangbyeon
  3. 3. GeomundoBaednorae
* Down to the River to Pray
Traditional (arr. Lane Price)
* Loch Lomond
Traditional (arr. Jonathan Quick)
* Dring, dring
- Ana Sokolović
O’ve, Lass’, Il Bel Viso?
- Morten Lauridsen
* Love (from Love, Beauty, Desire)
- Rodney Sharman
Se Per Havervi, Oime
- Morten Lauridsen
* Con Toda Palabra
- Llasa de Sela (arr. RéjeanMarois)
* Pa Llegar a tu Lado
- Llasa de Sela (arr. RéjeanMarois)
* Let It Go – Frozen
- Kristen Anderson Lopez & Robert Lopez (arr. Jacob Gramit)
* Happy
- Pharrell Williams (arr. Lane Price)
(* denotes Canadian composition or arrangement)



The Metropolitan Chorus of Tokyo (MET) is a joint mixed choir consisting of members from "Koyukai", a group of choirs with Ko Matsushita as their Artistic Director. MET contributes to the accession, retention and progression of chorus culture by participating in festivals and events, making concerts at schools and welfare facilities, being a model choir in choir masterclasses, recording CDs and giving performance abroad. MET has been invited to the world premiere of "Ah Nagasaki: Ashes into Light" (Robert Kyr, 2008) which takes its motif from the atomic bombing to Nagasaki city, as a choir from the country to have ever experienced nuclear devastation. The performance at Saint Paul city, MN, has acclaimed good reputation. In year 2011, MET has been invited by Shenzhen city, China, to perform in the exhibition of works by their Artistic Director Ko Matsushita together with the Shenzhen symphony orchestra. In 2015, MET has been invited to the ACDA national conference (Salt Lake City, USA) to perform as an guest choir, and been the model choir to perform the world premiere of the awarded compositions of the 1st Japan International Chorus Composition Competition. MET continues to hold its established reputation.

2016.10.20.(THU) Sohyang Theator


Ko Matsushita
Nao Yamazaki
Sakura Kitani
Nobuko Watanabe
Mayuko Nakamura
Satoko Nakamura
Mizue Nakamura
Emi Kajiyama
Sumire Tanayama
Ayano Murkami
Eriko Shirota
Satoko Ishii
Chiemi Ono
Aya Yamamoto
Kayoko Takahashi
Yu Okamoto
Keiko Kaneko
Chiemi Okita
Mariko Iiduka
Akie Sekizawa
Misae Miura
Shoko Tamura
Natsuki Sugawara
Naomi Dozaki
Tomoko Takahashi
Yoshinori Ando
Susumu Takahashi
Tomohiro Fujita
Ryo Matsumoto
Masatoshi Nonaka
Akito Sakakibara
Motohilo Kabasawa
Rui Yano
Tatsuya Toyoshima
Shin Sugimura
Koji Saruta
Yusuke Yamasaki
Masaki Tashiro
Mitsutaka Kikuchi
Ayumu Watanabe
Kei Ota
Shun Ogawa
Tomoharu Miyagawa


  • All of them composed or arranged by Ko Matsushita (Conductor)
  • Jubilate Deo
  • Tenebrae Factae Sunt
  • Ubi Caritas
  • Exsultate Justi In Domino
  • Ave Verum Corpus
  • De Profundis Clamavi
  • O Magnum Mysterium
  • Miraculum Maximum (Winner of 2016 Busan Choral Composition Competition)
  • 守る (Life defends…)
  • 螢螢螢 (Fireflies, Fireflies, Fireflies)
  • 三原ヤッサ節 (MiharaYassaBushi)
  • 日向木挽唄 (HyugaKobikiUta)
  • 湯かむり唄 (YukamuriUta)
  • Arirang


Having a special performance in various famous venues in Busan including Busan City Hall, Busan Station, Shinsegae Department Store, Haeundae Beach, etc. The participating choirs will be expected to offer more than 1 performance.

OCT 17 Monday

Outreach Concert 1

  • Onsaemi School
  • - Ligao National High School Voice Chorale (Philippines)

OCT 18 Tuesday

Outreach Concert 2

  • Pukyong National University
  • - D'B3 Voice (Indonesia)

Outreach Concert 3

  • Sasang Subway Square
  • - UIN Jakarta Student Choir (Indonesia)
    - Gunadarma University Student Choir 'Swara Darmagita' (Indonesia)

Outreach Concert 4

  • Daegu Concert House
  • - Kazachiy Kray (Russia)

OCT 19 Wednesday

Outreach Concert 5

  • Centum Middle School
  • - St. Gabriel's Secondary Vocal Ensemble (Singapore)

13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30
Outreach Concert 6

  • Sea Life Busan Aquarium Sea Life
  • - Kazachiy Kray (Russia)
    - Eben Haezar Christian Senior High School Choir (Indonesia)

Outreach Concert 7

  • SeoMyeon Subway Square
  • - Karangturi Choir (Indonesia)
    - Rendezvous Choir (Malaysia)
    - Smasa Choir (Indonesia)
    - Puzangalan Children’s Choir (Taiwan)

Outreach Concert 8

  • Seamen's Center
  • - Kazachiy Kray (Russia)

Outreach Concert 9

  • Sooyoungro Church
  • - Ligao National High School Voice Chorale (Philippines)

Outreach Concert 10

  • Daegu Concert House
  • - VocaBlends (Singapore)

OCT 20 Thursday

13:30, 14:30, 15:30, 16:30
Outreach Concert 11

  • Sea Life Busan Aquarium Sea Life
  • - Voice of Soul Choir (Indonesia)
    - VocaBlends (Singapore)

Outreach Concert 12

  • Shinsegae Department Square
  • - VocaBlends (Singapore)
    - Caceres Chorale (Philippines)
    - Shimonoseki Boys and Girls Choir (Japan)

Outreach Concert 13

  • - VocaBlends (Singapore)
    - Shimonoseki Boys and Girls Choir (Japan)


There will be two kinds of festival chorale concerts in 2016 BCFC. One will be composed of adult participants being conducted by Anton Armstrong and the other will be composed of minor participants being conducted by Haejong Lee. There will be a series of three practices every morning from OCT 19 through 21. This concert will be performed on the final day of festival. This will be a wonderful opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange of international choral music; to learn from the world-renowned conductor; to meet and interact with singers from other countries. Each choir will be linked with other participating choirs for these joint concerts. Around 500 participants are expected to take part in the event.

All participants

- Youth Program

  • Cond. Hae-Jong Lee

    1. Give Us Hope (Jim Papoulis)
    Published by Boosey & Hawkes (distributed by Hal-Leonard Corp.)

    2. Al Shlosha D'varim (Allan E. Naplan)
    Published by Boosey & Hawkes (distributed by Hal-Leonard Corp.)

    3. Shout Glory! (Byron J. Smith)
    Published by Gentry Publications (distributed by Hal-Leonard Corp.)

- Adult Program

  • Cond. Anton Armstrong

    1. Flight Song--Kim André Arnesen
    Earthsongs--The Anton Armstrong Choral Series (SATB/piano)

    2. True Light--Keith Hampton
    Earthsongs--The Anton Armstrong Choral Series (SATB/solo/piano)


Announcing and Awarding all winners including Gold, Silver, Bronze, Best Conductor, Best Presentation, Audience, etc. 5 Gold Prize winning teams will perform their best works for the Grand prize on this final stage.

Choral Parade

Having a special performance anywhere out in the open, mostly in areas that could have a audience.

OCT 21 Friday

Choral Parade

  • Haeundae Beach & Dongbaekseom

    - All participants