The Jury (the final 10 submissions)

Anton Armstrong (USA)

Ki-Sun LEE (South Korea)

Soon-Jung KIM (South Korea)

Young-Jo Lee (South Korea) 

Yu-Chung John Ku (Taiwan)

Zoltán Pad (Hungary)


2021 Composition Competition Winners 

1st Place: Ryle Nicole Custodio "Tagu-taguan" (Philippines)​

2nd Place: Jaehyeok Choi "Arirang" (South Korea)​

3rd Place: Gerson de Sousa Batista "Changes!" (Portugal)


Brief assessment of a president of the Jury, Anton Armstrong

Dear Composers,

I want to congratulate you on being named a Finalist in the 2021 Busan Choral Composition Competition. As my colleagues and I reviewed the final submissions, many of the compositions seem to be dominated by harmonic progressions favoring texture and color over linear counterpoint among voices. Perhaps a few more passages giving prominence to contrapuntal techniques and conversations between voices would have added variety and balance. 

Ultimately, the final compositions were well appreciated for their intellectual craftsmanship and ingenuity.  
Thank you for your creative work and please know the respect my colleagues and I had for each of your submissions.
All best wishes for continued success in your future work,

Dr. Anton Armstrong--USA
President of the 2021 Busan Choral Composition Competition Panel.  


We have got 54 works of 54 applications from 28 countries this year. We highly appreciate their brilliant works which were impressive enough to touch the jury. However, as the Busan Composition Competition much prefers artistically higher quality songs, so the judgement focused on it.


All winners of the 1,2,3 places will receive their Diplomas and Trophies by post.


The Prize Money will be sent to their bank account within 2 weeks after finishing the BCFC.


The first prize winner's work will be premiered on Youtube on OCT 23, 2021.