Dear BCFC Friends, 


The Board of 2020 Busan Choral Festival & Competition/Composition Competition feels very sorry to announce that we have decided to cancel this year’s event due to COVID-19 pandemic, widely spreading in the world. This decision was very hard for us and disappointed us. But we concluded that it could not be avoided when considering the safety of participants and audience, also uncertain situation for all indoor events including choir’s rehearsals, after careful consideration based on Korea government's recommendation and WHO’s information. 


The Busan Choral Composition Competition warmly thanks from the bottom of its heart the more than 40 composers from all over the world who wanted to participate in our composition competition this year, but reasons beyond the capabilities of all of us did not help us in its realization no matter how hard we try. The global liquid economic situations, the health crisis, the inability to prepare are some of the reasons that led us to this decision.


As for the all submitted works for 2020 Busan Choral Composition Competition, they could be competed for 2021 Competition if participants want.


Next year, we’ll have the Busan Choral Festival & Competition from October 20th to 23rd in 2021.


Sending all best wishes during this challenging time in the world.


Best wishes,

Yong-Bok DO 

Chairperson of 2020 Busan Choral Festival & Competition/Composition Competition