The Jury (the final 8 submissions)

Mark Anthony Carpio (Philippines) 

Raul Talmar (Estonia)

Tim Sharp (USA)

Vytautas Miškinis (Lithuania)

Young-Jo Lee (South Korea) 


2019 Composition Competition Winners 

1st Place: Mark Raeniel Agpasa (Philippines) "Jubilate Deo"

2nd Place: Carlos Cordero (Venezuela​) "Tota Pulchra es, Maria" 

3rd Place: Guilherme Hollanda-Azevedo (Brazil) "Ocean of Illusions" 


Brief assessment of a president of the Jury, Young-Jo Lee 

2019 Finalists' compositions seem dominated by harm onic progressions favoring texture and color over linear counterpoint among voices. Perhaps a few more passages giving prominence to contrapuntal techniques and conversations between voices would have added variety and balance. Ultimately, the composers’ creations were well appreciated for their contemplative qualities.​ 
Thank you for all the hard works both participants and juries.  


We have got 60 works of 56 applications from 29 countries this year. We highly appreciate their brilliant works which were impressive enough to touch the jury. However, as the Busan Composition Competition much prefers artistically higher quality songs, so the judgement focused on it.


All winners of the 1,2,3 places are invited to join the 2019 Busan Choral Festival & Competition and will receive their Diplomas during an Award Ceremony on Saturday, October 19, 2019.


The Prize Money will be sent to their bank account within 2 weeks after finishing the BCFC.


The first prize winner's work will be performed on OCT 19th, 2019.


As a member of the 2019 BCFC, they will be entitled to participate in all the Festival activities including the Choral Competition, Choral Workshops and additional performances.


If there is any winner who cannot join the Festival, the BCFC committee will mail the Diploma via First Class Mail to the address provided in the Application Form.