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2021 BCFC Virtual Choir Competition

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  1. AMATEUR CHOIR : The BCFC is only open to non-professional choirs with a minimum of 8 singers, independent of type, age or musical style.
    a. Youth
    *All members of the youth category must be 18 years old or younger. *Repertoire: A cappella or with instrumental accompaniment. b. A cappella
    c. With Instrumental Accompaniment
    *All instrumentalists must appear in the virtual choir.
    *All choirs are eligible to compete in a maximum of two competition categories. *For choirs competing in two categories, the repertoire for each category must be different. *Repertoire Duration: between 3-5 minutes. *CHOIRS CAN BE PENALIZED FOR NOT RESPECTING THE TIME LIMITS.
  3. VIDEO FILE : All choirs MUST submit good video recordings in mp4 format. The video must not have been published or submitted elsewhere before. There should be No subtitles, trailers or watermarks included in a video. The making of this Virtual Choir must pay attention to the concept of a health protocol, explicitly maintaining a distance so that audio and video recording must be done separately.
  4. SCORE : Choirs must send a soft copy of the score as well as permission to use songs/proof of purchase via email (busanchoral@gmail.com) until August 31, 2021.
    USD$500 Registration fee per choir until July 31, 2021
    Early Bird: USD$300 (40% off) until June 30, 2021
  6. REFUND : 50% of Registration fee will be refunded to choirs who withdraw their participation by August 31, 2021 and NON-REFUNDABLE AFTER THEN.
  7. COPYRIGHT : Choirs are fully responsible for the permission and copyright of the song. The use of unauthorized/reproduced copies is strictly prohibited. Choirs can make the video public for the world after the festival only if choirs specify on the video that it was made for 2021 BCFC Virtual Choir Competition to send a message that no virus can stop us from singing together.
  8. AGREEMENT : With the application, all participating choirs agree to photography, recordings and broadcasts in sound or television as well as any other recordings made in conjunction with the BCFC.

Adjudication and Evaluation

The jury
  1. 1) The decision of the jury is final and cannot be contested.
  2. 2) In cases where the overall scores are the same, the final rankings will be discussed and decided by the jury.
Assessment Criteria

Each choir will be assessed on a 100-point scale based on the following criteria:

  1. 1) Music Art section (50 points)
    - Evaluation on performance of chorus music with overall artistic aspects such as blending, intonation, commitment to sheet of music, and artistic expression.
  2. 2) Video Composition Section (50 points)
    - Evaluation on new ideas, video aesthetics that are shown via intention expressed with the video, composition of the video, and facial expression of performers.
  3. 3) For the sake of fairness in assessment, the score of any juries who has teacher-student relations and kinship with the choir will be excluded.
Special Prize

For the choir that is not ranked but has distinctive idea in video composition, special prize could be awarded through agreement of the juries.

Festival Fees & Deadline

  • 1) Early Bird Discounts: By June 30, 2021
  • 2) Online Application: By July 31, 2021
  • 3) Registration Fee: By July 31, 2021
  • 4) Video files: By August 15, 2021
  • 5) Sending All Digital Copies of Scores and Permission to use songs/proof of purchase: By August 31, 2021 (via Email)

BCFC Bank Information(Choirs must deduct a commission and remit the net amount)

  • Beneficiary : KCI (Korea Choral Institute)
  • Bank : BUSAN BANK (Daeyeondong Branch)
  • Account Number : 154-2000-0274-07
  • Swift Code : PUSBKR2P
  • Address : 1740-8, Daeyeon-dong, Nam-gu, Busan

BCFC Bank Information(Choirs must deduct a commission and remit the net amount)

  • Busan Choral Festival & Competition / Busan Cultural Center, UN pyeonghwa-ro 76-1, Nam-gu, Busan, South Korea 48534